My Passion

What is my passion?

You, sister. You are my passion.

I am obsessed with helping you find your place of authenticity in this crazy, chaotic world. I understand your deep desire to know who you are and what you were created for, because I am on the same journey. You were created for MORE and together we will find out what YOUR more is.

My Story

My husband and I own and operate a cattle ranch in Tennessee with our youngest daughter, Anna Laura, whom I homeschool. You will usually find me in a hoodie, jeans and muck boots feeding the dogs and goats, or running cattle through the chute. If not, I’m probably somewhere on the ranch taking pictures. One of my loves is photography and documenting our life on a ranch has become an obsession. I have posted some of my favorites in the GALLERY. Go check them out!

As a child, I always sensed the presence of God in my life although I didn’t really understand it. That changed when I was 23 years old. I met Jesus face-to-face and I have never been the same. The day I asked Him into my life, I started on a journey to learn all I can about who He is, who I am, and how I fit into His plan. It’s really been a journey of self-discovery… learning how to forgive myself, how to love myself, how to understand myself. You get the point. Because if I don’t know who I am, how will I ever know what I am here for? So that is where the journey starts.

I have to tell you that the journey has not always been easy for me and I have made many, many mistakes. Even so, I have come to realize that every experience, good or bad, is all for my ultimate purpose. I have also learned that God is faithful and gracious enough to help me to turn my messes and mistakes into His perfect message to others.

Sharing God’s messages has been a passion of mine for over 20 years. I have really enjoyed getting involved in women’s ministry both locally and globally. However, there has always been this nagging feeling that although I was doing something good, I wasn’t fully living out my purpose. Even with extensive prayer, I could never put my finger on what was missing. But then in 2014, I attended a Beth Moore event in New Jersey and God completely shattered me. There were over 5,000 women (and a few brave men 🙂 ) in attendance. At one point, Beth asked all the women who hated themselves now or have ever hated themselves in the past, to stand up. What I witnessed shocked me! More than 75% of the women stood up. It absolutely broke my heart. From that day on, I have been on a mission to help women discover who they are and how they can truly love themselves.

I believe the main reason women (and men) experience hatred toward themselves is because they lack purpose. When you don’t have clarity on who you are and/or what you are here for, how can you truly love yourself? Your soul was created to crave your ultimate purpose and when it can’t fulfill that crave, a void develops. That void can express itself as desperation, depression, and/or despair. To fill the void, you need to feed your soul what it craves. To find what it craves, you need to go back to where the journey begins… self-discovery.

Sister, hear me when I say that God is not a God of confusion. He is a God of order and He wants you to understand and fully live out your purpose. And that is why I am passionate about you. I deeply desire to come alongside you on this journey of self-discovery and help you uncover your ultimate purpose.

Next Steps…

What if…

What if YOU unravel and uncover the purpose of YOUR life?

What if YOU tackle the FEAR and step out in FAITH? How different would your life look if you did?

What if God sent you here because He knows you need someone who understands what you are going through? Friend, I’ve been there. Heck, I’m still there. And I believe God is ready to uncover some deep truths in your life. I am here to help you navigate this journey. You don’t have to do it alone! Schedule your personal mentoring session and let’s get the transformation started today!

Meet my Family

One of my main passions (besides you) 🙂 is my family. I am a momma bear and everyone knows it. I am super proud of my family and love bragging on them.


Cattle Broker, Rancher, PhD Candidate, Mission Pastor

My hunk of a cowboy husband is a born and bred cattleman. Raised in Northeast Tennessee, he is a 5th generation cattle rancher. In 1990, Steve founded Bradley Livestock Company which provides cattle to several nationally based Pharmaceutical companies. In addition to ranching, Steve has a deep love of the Lord and sharing the gospel around the world. In 2009, he founded a non-profit 501c3 to help engage local churches in the Great Commission. He has since earned two masters degrees, as well as an MDiv, a ThM and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Columbia International. He served as a Mission Pastor for a church in New Jersey/Manhattan for five years before returning to Northeast Tennessee to continue the tradition of cattle ranching while finishing his doctorate.


Founder and CEO of Decorum Foods

Courtney is a natural-born leader, a lover of learning and a constant encourager. As a child, you could find Courtney getting into mischief often. However, she was skilled at deflecting her antics on to her brother, who would most often take the punishment rather than letting his sister get in trouble. After serving at Lowes Corporate headquarters, she decided to follow her dreams and founded a company focused on offering an alternative to fast food options for the millions of people suffering from food allergies. Her drive and commitment to help others is humbling. I have no doubt that she will not only reach her dreams but exceed them. She currently lives in Charlottesville, NC with her fiance Cory and my two favorite granddaughters, Jada and Aria.


Commercial Window and Door Specialist

Jeff is a kind-hearted, compassionate, and loyal person. Growing up you could find him twirling sticks, throwing ninja stars, or playing pokemon cards. Despite the fact that he would drive me crazy during our early homeschool years, Jeff turned into a very focused and dedicated worker. Always curious to see how things work, he commits himself to a task until he understands it and is satisfied it is done to the best of his ability. Jeff also has an amazing musical ear, teaching himself how to play the piano from the age of five. Today, he continues to foster his love of music by pushing himself even more on the piano by taking private lessons. Watching and listening to him play is completely mesmerizing. He is currently living outside of Raleigh Durham, NC.

Anna Laura

Cutest 9 year old on the planet. No, I’m not kidding. 🙂

Anna is a typical nine-year-old girl, constantly worried about fashion trends, nail colors and how her hair looks. Growing up as a missionary’s child, she’s had the unique ability to travel around the world. At six months of age, Anna was dedicated in the same church in Nakuru, Kenya that her dad and I were married in. In 2018, she accepted Christ as her Savior and was baptized in Lake Malawi in Africa. She has also traveled to Tanzania, Kyrgystan, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and India. Although she considers herself a city girl because of our time in NJ/NY, Anna is also completely at home on the ranch. Homeschooling has allowed her to experience the day-to-day operations of the ranch. She loves helping her dad with the cows, horses, goats, and dogs.